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We prescribe custom herbal blends based on your diagnosis and individual health goals

Herbal Formulas tailored to your needs

 Herbal remedies are highly versatile and can be used to treat a wide range of health issues. They are very effective in strengthening the body from the inside out. Herbal therapy offers numerous benefits, including the treatment of acute ailments, aiding recovery, balancing energy levels, and preventing diseases.

Our board-certified herbalists prescribe Chinese herbal formulas that are designed to treat your symptoms and the underlying cause of your condition, in a natural and safe way.

Nourish & Tonify

We adapt your herbal formula to support your body when it needs it the most.

Balance & Harmonize

We gently bring your body back into balance and harmony by listening to what your body's needs.

Calm & Restore

We take into account adaptogens that promote a calm mind and to restore the internal landscape.

Who can benefit from herbal therapy?

• Chinese herbal therapy helps restore proper energy and balance to the body by correcting specific organ dysfunctions and unhealthy body patterns.

• Herbs treat many symptoms, including colds, fatigue, allergies, pain, anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, infertility, respiratory issues, menopausal symptoms, and aiding cancer recovery.

• Certain situations make patients prime candidates for herbal therapy. These may include experiencing unexplained symptoms or fatigue, not responding favorably to medications, or experiencing unpleasant side effects. Additionally, if a patient feels anxious or depressed in addition to other symptoms, herbal therapy may be a viable option.

Diagnosis and Treatment

The Chinese system of diagnosis and treatment is a practical approach to healing that has been proven effective over 5000 years. The most crucial aspect of this system is the ability to identify imbalances using the theory of Yin and Yang. During the diagnosis process, one examines the person’s basic constitution and the nature of their ailment to identify Yin-like or Yang-like conditions.

This chart of Yin and Yang conditions provides a list of characteristics that may be present.

Chines Yin and yang icon

the taste of herbs and foods

There are five recognizable tastes used in Chinese herbalism.  They are as follows:


Soothing, nutritive, tonifies the stomach and spleen, sub-classified in terms of empty and full. Herbs with a warm-sweet nature-such as ginseng, astragalus, and Bianchi-are considered Yang. Herbs with a cool, sweet nature- such as fruits and berries- are considered Yin.


Stabilizes and regulates body fluids. This refers to all kinds of salts, some of which are purging. Has a direct effect upon the kidneys and bladder. Example: seaweed


Tends to be cooling at first and stimulates enzymatic process of digestion and metabolism. Has a direct effect upon hte liver and gallbladder. Examples: lemon, hawthorn berry, rose hips. ​


Cooling and detoxifying. The bitter tase usually indicates the presence of alkaloids having a tendency to neutralize harmful body acids. Herbs and foods with this taste are considered to have a direct effect upon the heart, circulation, small intestines. Examples: cascara, Oregon grape, gentian, rhubarb root. ​


Stimulates the removal of stagnation and obstructions of both energy and blood. The spicy taste also counteracts the formation of mucus. Again, there are acrid-cool herbs, such as peppermint and various culinary nspices, and acrid-warm herbs, such as cinnamon, peppers, and aconite. ​

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