I cannot say enough good things about Joaquina as a practitioner. I have been a patient of hers since 2015. After a period of not feeling healthy overall I turned to acupuncture. Joaquina views the body holistically and was able to help me stabilize my digestion, thyroid, and other imbalances, which affected my fertility and health in general. By working with me to take the proper supplements, fertility teas, reduce stress, and teaching me how to track my cycles I was able to get pregnant within the first month of actively trying. I’ve continued seeing Joaquina throughout my pregnancy and have felt extremely healthy. I cannot thank her enough. I definitely consider her a partner in my healthcare and highly recommend her as a practitioner.

May I first say, “I have been treated by many,” yet I found Samhitta’s approach completely different and as a net result, what should have always been. While my former treatments were always on some level beneficial, my first treatment with Samhitta was quite different, impact-ful and much longer lasting. I look forward to my next treatment. Larry B.

As a registered nurse, I’m the first to admit traditional Western medicine does not have all the answers. I began going to Samhitta last year when my doctor suggested surgery to remove my gallbladder. Samhitta’s knowledge of nutrition and diet, along with her great skill as an acupuncturist has changed my life. I’m free of pain, and avoided unnecessary surgery.

Joaquina has been a gift and blessing to my overall health and well-being. I began seeing Joaquina after several failed fertility treatments and continue to see her in conjunction with my fertility doctor. Joaquina has been a huge part of my overall fertility treatment plan and has helped me view fertility holistically, including diet, emotional, and physical health. Joaquina is incredibly intuitive and a true healer. I have felt the wonderful benefits of her gifts across several healing modalities, and I highly recommend her to anyone, especially to other women seeking treatment for fertility issues.

Joaquina is amazing. She helped me fight off a fever and a cold and then released a LOT of tension from my jaw from my TMJ. He husband, Bradley, worked WONDERS on my injured leg. I got back a lot of function and had a lot less pain. I’m returning on Monday for more because I trust them and have had such a great response! I absolutely recommend this place to friends!

Samhitta is a gifted healer. I came to a treatment with her at the Boulder Community Hospital, where she treats cancer patients. I was suffering from a sinus infection and other post chemo therapy symptoms. Even after one treatment I had so much relieve. Her own Community Acupuncture Clinic in Boulder is an awesome place for anybody to receive affordable, professional treatments from an experienced, generous, kind practitioner. I can recommend her to anybody full heartedly.

Joaquina has a healing gift – being able to see and know what needs healing physically, energetically, and emotionally. She knows where the energetic blockages are and customizes her treatments to clear them. I highly recommend her and trying a few a sessions on a regular basis so you can see for yourself the shifts that can be made in your system and life.