Herbology Treatments at Hummingbird Community Acupuncture Boulder

Herbology is traditionally one of the more important modalities utilized in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Each herbal medicine prescription is a cocktail of many herbs tailored to the individual patient. The practitioner usually designs a remedy using one or two main ingredients that target the illness. Then the practitioner adds many other ingredients to adjust the formula to the patient’s conditions. These steps require great experience and knowledge and make the difference between a good Chinese herbal doctor and an amateur.

Herbology Treatments Customized Formulas

Unlike western medications, the balance and interaction of all the ingredients are considered more important than the effect of individual ingredients. A key to success in TCM is the treatment of each patient as an individual. We carry over 150 specific formulas of safe powders, capsules, pills, and tinctures.  We also have an herbal pharmacy to make customized formulas.

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