Traditional Chinese Medicine looks at the mind, body, and spirit as a linked system. There is no ailment that is purely physical or purely mental. For depression sufferers, this means the problem is not just in their minds, but connected to their body and spirit as well.


It always starts with whole body health in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Through a process of visual examination, questioning, listening, and touching the practitioner will discern all the symptoms a person is experiencing. Where modern medicine tends to treat one symptom at a time, Traditional Chinese Medicine considers all the symptoms together, suggesting a specific treatment plan.


The symptoms identified during diagnosis suggest a treatment path. The treatment is not meant to fix the symptoms, rather it is meant to restore balance to a person’s mind, body, and spirit. In cases of depression the most common treatment is a combination of herbs and acupuncture. The exact acupuncture points used and herbal remedies given vary from person to person depending on their exact symptoms and the current state of their mind, body, and spirit.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is not meant to supplant modern medical treatment. Most patients will combine the two methods and find themselves weaning off medications more quickly than those who stick with modern medical treatments only.


A person can expect to get better over time with Traditional Chinese Medicine. There is no overnight cure, but there is a good chance of long-term health benefits. Depending on many factors restoration can mean a lowered dosage of modern medicine or disappearing symptoms.

In Boulder, CO Hummingbird community acupuncture uses Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat depression, and a lot of other ailments. With licensing and certification in acupuncture and Chinese herbalism you can be assured we know what we’re doing. Not only that, but we’ve been at it for over a decade.

Through a unique combination of Chinese medicine, Native American Shamanic methods, and CranioSacral Therapy you are provided with a treatment plan specific to your needs. Acknowledging the whole-body aspect, we also spend time looking at nutritional changes that may help, and with general lifestyle coaching.

If you are looking for help with depression that a pill alone cannot provide, contact us today and set up your first appointment.

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Joaquina Cante Administrator

Joaquina Cante, L.Ac., Shaman, is a nationally board certified acupuncturist and holistic healthcare practitioner in Boulder, Colorado. Owner of Hummingbird Community Acupuncture, she is a believer in the innate power of each individual to heal and become a better human being.