My healing journey has not followed what many would coin as “normal”.  I set out on a quest to find myself only after reaching my lowest point of existence.  My usual self destructive antics were not working anymore.  I began to hear a voice from within myself telling me that something greater was out there for me to discover.  Right about then, I met my first teacher, a Lakota Medicine Man.  My life has forever changed now as I walk my Medicine Path. 

Perhaps,  you can relate to that kind of a personal journey.  Many set out to find teachers, gurus, healers, or simply travel with the intention of discovering who they are.  

Finding your medicine path is about getting to know yourself.  It’s about knowing what makes you tick, what your triggers are, and what your dreams are.

The more you open up to yourself, the more you begin seeing the world around you and the people in your life. No longer driven by pain, past trauma, guilt, regret, and other self sabotaging emotions the truth begins to appear.  As you begin to align yourself with goodness, you can begin to think and act with beauty and compassion.

Seeing all of us as one in-and-out breathe of each other connects us more to the same spirit where we are all related.  Not just humanity, but everything!  Trees, rocks, water, animals, and all of creation that shares this earth and the heavens above it.  This is where the true healing is that can split open a heart that has turned to stone and make it feel again.  This heart connection is where we will begin to find our medicine path that will sing us back to life.

Your Medicine Path is the one that will teach you how to be human again, how to align your thoughts-actions-words-emotions-energy with spirit so you can become whole and healed.  Be courageous and dare to dive into the great mystery.  

Art by Debra Hamilton


Joaquina Cante Administrator
Joaquina Cante, L.Ac., Shaman, is a nationally board certified acupuncturist and holistic healthcare practitioner in Boulder, Colorado. Owner of Hummingbird Community Acupuncture, she is a believer in the innate power of each individual to heal and become a better human being.